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This blog is filled with installation instructions, thoughts and other things that are informational and/or useful when you will use single board computers as a replacement for real servers in your company.

Watch out!

Please be careful, this blog is under heavy development and the technical articles might not be ready for productive purpose.

Therefore consider the states on the right top or bottom corner of each site. They will show you the development state. So if you decide to try a few things out on this blog use always a testing environment.

  • alpha: Written but not tested.
  • beta: Tested first time (You will see this state most of the time)
  • pre: Really tested.
  • No state: Content of the article is stable.

The blog system

To learn the script language bash I decided to use it in a few abstract projects. This blog is one of it. I developed a simple environment that uses markdown language files to create the site with bash. So it can be reduced to a minimum and I can handle the site with my favourite editor vim. With a solid GTK3 terminal like Tilix


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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