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build a company in Austria

As owner-manager you have to deal with many things especially in an European country.

So I decided to write about these things. Maybe this site will help you a little.

In any case, please enjoy it!

Rothirsch Tec. by René Zingerle

a small company with big ambitions

Besides trying to help our customers with cloud services our main goal is to develop intelligent services running on Single Board Computers like the Banana Pi.

In a second area of activity we are Amazon resellers. The above mentioned computers and other products we develop with our DIY CNC machine are sold on the internet.

René Z.

Thanks to the helping hand

Besides many setbacks in the first three months of this year, there were also positive things that happened.

I thought there is no real help out there for me, but then I met an old friend. He showed me a few books, told me to think bigger and discussed my business strategies with me. He did this without asking and it seemed that he enjoyed it to help. Thanks for the respectful meeting Martin.

Out of his advice I found people like Gary Vaynerchuk and Simon Sinek that are also interested in the succeed and happiness of others.

Social networks in Europe

Me as a youngster in my business environment, got lost in the insularity of companies around me. Thinking that they do what has to be done and the internet is only a time consumer and helps no one. I always knew that this is not true. But after hours of discussing and mentioning I slowly got to the mindset that Europe or Austria is the wrong playground for social network marketing. Additionally I had a problem with my Bank and yeah shit got into my mind and I got really depressed. I mean I did marketing on the internet but it didn't worked out as expected.

Ask Gary Vee Show

A millionaire Entrepreneur telling his marketing strategies to anyone who is listening. He does this to build and grow his brand. I watched a few of his shows, bought and read his book and suddenly I knew what has to be done.

Watch Gary Vee on his show

Simple but true

The advices are simple and feeling true. You have to work your ass off and do whatever you can do.

Best advices for me

  • You are allowed to be self-aware
  • Think positive

And boom

Suddenly all negativity has gone and I started with new thoughts.

  • Why should I sit here thinking about the negative things that are parts of any company?
  • You have so many things to show other people. Why hidding them all the time?
  • Don't wait for others. Do it for your own. You are strong!
  • You can show your talents all the time. Multiple times a day.
  • You have no audience! Why? Get one!
  • Simply do what you love!
  • You need money? Earn and don't lend it!
  • Is it possible to write an english blog with your lack of skills in this language? You'll see!
  • ....

A place to show your goods (Marketplace)

So instead of writing a business plan and going to a bank, I will earn the money with my already existing products and business models. But instead of doing it in the dark I'll show you my fight. Working twice as hard as before!

Yeah, maybe now you think that I've lost my mind. But even if I haven't earned any money after the next weeks, I'll have a lot of content on the internet, a rising audience and I will be able to show my companies newest information each day to them. I mean isn't this what any company needs?

New day - New opportunity

Had a weekend with a lot of thoughts about my companies future. Oh yeah and some alcohol abuse because of a birthday party. But today I started a bit more optimistic as I started the weekend.

New day - new opportunity, new opportunity - new business plan, new business plan - new investor

So I have to write a business plan this week. I mean I already wrote a plan last year but last year changed nearly anything. There were so much things I didn't thought about. Amazons FBA program is a big deal but to be an European reseller not so. I mean I paid over 3000 bucks only to my accountants. Yes accountants! I need one in Austria for my regular business and one in the Netherlands because all my goods are stored in - and sold from a warehouse in Germany. Rothirsch Tec. created over 2000 invoices in the first year. Without self written tools I wouldn't be able to solve all the tasks my accountants have for me.

Please don't underestimate me, I'm using Odoo as ERP Software running a module for Amazon FBA. This thing creates all invoices automatically and manages my products and customers. Without it I would have spend a whole year of adding invoices, refunds and customers to a database by hand. But there are many special issues you have to solve if your accountant doesn't use the same software you are using and for me as an one men company it would have been hard to hire a personal accountant.

Ok, at the moment anything is under control and any Euro I could get I would use for buying goods, but as you know from my last post my current investor sucks and out of nothing I have to spend allot of time to find a new one.

I mean this article is not for forcing you to read about me whining around. I only will give you a few insides about the current state and the problems I had to face with.

Besides computer products I sell products produced by different companies from Tirol. They are developing all kinds of products made out of wood. So a big part in the last year was to write a program which uses the data that my Odoo instance gets from Amazon to compare it with the different parts out of production. Because a special thing about this companies is that they are working together in different parts of the whole process of manufacturing. For example 2 companies maintain the machines used to produce some products. There are developers and designers in different companies and there are manufactures for different parts of the company. So in Austria the Finanzamt want to see the complete process of manufacturing and selling on the invoices of the company. So it is not possible to calculate 100 sales and sum up the costs for each manufacturer.

So the tool I wrote finds a sale of "Product A" and searches in a database wich companies were involved in the manufacturing process. Then it finds the arranged rates for each company. The tool saves this information and after reading trough all sales of a month it sends an email to each company for each position so they can write the correct invoices among each others.

Yeah and this is just one part of the company...

René Z.

Money for Money

Sometimes feeling a bit like getting choleric in the near future. Why do I need money for getting money?

What masochistic individual had the idea to create a system where you are only allowed to grow if you have enough of the building material which you have to produce for yourself.

Think about this. What if flowers would only grow if they produce water for itself. The flower needs the water to live but to grow it needs more water then it can produce. This sounds like absolute nonsense and at least this is how I feel at the moment.

Having ideas, working hard, building and developing tools to sell things on the internet only therefore that you have to find out that at the last point where you only need a few thousand bucks, that your bank won't help you anymore.

Leaving you in a state so you can pay back your debts but your company stands still from this moment on. Only aloud to produce a few drops of water to live.

Ok maybe I'm getting old. But the greatest problem at starting a company is money itself. Start a company with nothing is nearly impossible. I mean the company runs but after 1.5 years one thing is clear. I am the masochistic individual spending days and nights with work for having nothing at the end of the day or at least not enough to go on vacation or to do something to calm down and enjoy life.

So this sounds a bit gloomy. I mean it's getting better and better but often it feels like the stones in my way growing proportionally to the success of the company. But hoping for help is the wrong way. Working harder and longer.

Knowing and not believing that, in the end, I will succeed!

René Z.

Server location lost


  • We'll start with the relocation at 2100 today.


  • I recognized fast that Austrian internet providers are mafia like institutions. I mean the only place I found for complaining about this mess is a forum driven by the internet provider himself. The complaints I wrote to the supporters were answered with a chilly answer like: "If you would have done...". First indention I had was to immediately terminate the contract and write something back like: "Please send me the termination form..." But I was strong and I decided that the server relocation has more importance than arguing with some douchebags. A talk with my lawyer would have been also too time consuming. Then, so as often, I decided to keep my head down and to reset the course, straight ahead to the final goal. The technician configured the router today and so the project can continue.


  • Ok I can't believe this sh***. My internet provider were not able to activate the 8 IP addresses. The "friendly" supporter told me so at 1900. Breath...


  • I've found out that the technician of the internet provider forgot to add a /30 subnet. Phone support told me that this will be configured in less then 24h so I can relocate the servers without a problem.

  • As I've been laying cables, I recognized at some point that all ground cables in this place were fake cables. Ending in one of the sockets in the wall. Ok! This explains the network problems I've recognized in the past few weeks. The electricity found its way and spread over the whole network...

  • A friend came by, he's an electrician, and together we searched for the ground cable. After a few hours crawling around on the attic it got slowly into our minds that the electric installments in this place are somewhat out of 1965! So it seemed that the only way to get rid of this problem was to draw in new cables from the lower floor. But this wouldn't be possible until tomorrow. I already thought that I have to postpone the relocation. But my friend had the idea that maybe the radiators at this location are grounded and he was right. So I had to lay the ground cables on the radiators and everything worked like a charm again. The networks problems are gone! I mean my friend recommended that I should renew the whole electricity in this place. But I need to think step by step! There are many other things I have to do first...

Click! on the picture.


  • The technician was here an installed the router.


  • Started with the cable installations. Need a few more electrical sockets in this place and I too need lay the ISDN cable from one room to another.


  • Got a phone call today. The internet provider will come next week because of a delay on a different contract.


  • A technician of our internet provider will come to our place, to install a separated internet line for the server
  • Wrote an e-mail to our customers to inform them about the outtake


  • Spoke to my brother if he can help me with an overnight relocation.


  • Out of nothing we got unwanted News today. We have to migrate our web server to a different physical location. The migration has to be done until the end of March. You will get further information about this topic here.

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