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Free (231018)

Today we started a promotion on Facebook for people which life near us. Our offer is that if you will come to the store of one of our partners we will talk with you about our experiences we made on the Internet in the last 6 years.

Maybe this is an opportunity to grow our partners network.

Start with an idea (180301)

Fu* off! Always searching for a good topic I could write about. For example:

  • Wrote some content about system administration.
  • Developed backup and recovery scripts for ARM based SBC images
  • Try to help people with installation documentations for Banana Pi SBCs
  • ...

but every day I recognize that most of my time as owner-manager I have to deal with shi*

Back in 2015 I decided to start an OpenSource based company. So why shouldn't I write about the problems I'm faced with all the time?

I'll give it a try and so I created a new section on this blog: Start an OpenSource company

New Features (171130)

Our blog has some new features. And you see one of them directly underneath this text. You can now share all articles of the blog directly to Twitter and Co.

Other features?

Most of the features have something to do with the userbility. So it's easier to read trough the site on multiple devices.

And the rest?

The rest of the features are written for us so we can work faster and write more articles for you.

Hope you'll enjoy them! ; )

Happy Birthday (171025)

Rothirsch Technologies has its first birthday today.

We are proud to announce that we are still here

#Austria #SelfEmployed #HappyBirthday