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Micro server

Goal of this site is to build little server farms that manage the whole network of a company. We will do this instead of install all services on big servers and separate them with VMs.


This project is experimental and we are not recommend to install this environment in a productive company.

Real Life situation

In the last few years I did recognize that if you use such an experimental environment for productive use, that there can suddenly arise problems you may not even thought about to exist. A lot of work days completely changed in this time. Only because of kernel problems or hardware overheating that occur because of messy software implementation and other things.

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So I decided to inform you about these problems. Start 0318


This is a more helpful area for you. Here you can find configurations for services that you can also install on bigger servers. To name a few:

  • icinga2
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • SAMBA as domain controller
  • ...

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18.04.04 - 20:54

A few days after the upgrade to Kopano a lot of problems does exist. But there are also a few cool changes like the audit.log I'll use this in the next fail2ban tutorial.

18.03.27 - 07:11

The webserver that we want to relocate on Friday had a problem today. Icinga recognizes ping problems to that location and a customer told me that he has problems with the service. The SSH connection to the server needed 2 minutes to connect. After restarting the firewall anything worked correctly again. Only the firewall had a 'read-only' filesystem. I see this problem very often and I too think that this is a kernel related problem that produces this error on the SD card or emmc on a SBC. Ok I repaired the running system with

e2fsck -t -y /dev/mmcblk0p2

and after a reboot I had to remount the filesystem

mount -o remount,rw /

So I'll get further into this and try to resolve the problem that it'll doesn't occur in the future.

18.03.22 - 11:45

An icinga instance makes me crazy the whole time. It has a problem to ping some servers. The servers are behind a VPN and if I test them, they are always ok. So I believe that this has something to do with the strongswan gateway that runs on a bpi-m3.

The Debian system on the bpi-m3 froze a few times in the past. So maybe it's time to use a different operating system for the banana pi. SinoVoip released a few Ubuntu images in January this year. These images are not categorized in a directory. So it looks like if this are the stable images for the bananas.

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